Monday, 11 June 2012

Week 3: Padstow to St Ives 'On the Path' Day 20

Portreath to Hayle

11 miles
1371 ft of ascent
Word of the day: Waves

Awoke to a windy but thankfully dry day. Soon after leaving Portreath we passed Ralph's Cupboard, an amazing piece of eroded coastline that looks just like the edge of a volcano. Then, after a breezy cliff top stroll, stopped to sketch Samphire Island below Carvannel Downs. Rough sea - probably blowing about force 7 according to Tim.

Passed a waterfall which was being blown back up the cliff and over the path; even though we were through it in less than 30 seconds we still got wet through. The wind dried us off nicely within about 10 minutes.
Path diverted inland on Hudder Down following a big cliff fall with more cracks still appearing. This was between the beautifully named Deadman's Cove and Hell's Mouth.
Stopped, out of the wind at last, at Godrevy Head to watch waves and seals. This was followed by an interminable (about 2 miles) walk along the beach. Photographed some beautiful patterns in the sand and watched the kite surfers going very fast.
At the campsite we met a very interesting Swedish couple; as well as speaking perfect English, Mr Westman (a retired mining engineer) could also speak Cornish! Rounded the evening off with a meal at the marvellously named Bucket of Blood pub. 

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