Saturday, 20 April 2013

Week 5: Penzance to Falmouth - Day 32

Word of the day: Castle
Maenporth to Falmouth
6 miles

On the path from Maenporth to Swanpool we came across this memorial to Falmouth's Home Guard who "...watched 1000 dawns across these great waters which form our country's moat." One of an increasing number of relics from WW2.

One or two showers this morning but a sharp horizon for the first time this week. Stopped at Pendennis Point to sketch the fortifications with St Mawes in the background. 

A good first week back on the path, finishing on a beautifully sunny day in Falmouth. I managed to get enough sketching done to take back to the studio. Hopefully, the studio work will be easier than last time as I have already established a way of working. The next blog post will be from the studio. 

Week 5: Penzance to Falmouth - Day 31

Word of the day: Wild Garlic
Porthallow to Maenporth
11 miles
Wonderful sculpture on the beach marking the half way point (315 miles down - 315 miles to go). 
Walk immediately diverted by a large landslip (one of many we have seen this week) but soon back on the path and admiring the colours of the bracken and bramble stems - had to stop and sketch them.

Round Nare Point and headed inland to Gillan Creek where James (a graduate of Bristol Uni) ferried us across.  Then a long muddy stretch through the trees to Helford and another ferry crossing.

Along the park like coast below Trebah and Glendurgan Gardens and then sketched at Mawnan Shear. Nearly got blown over on exposed Rosemullion Head and then passed a grove of sprouting gunnera looking like a scene from Alien.  

Finally arrived at Maenporth to be met with a cream tea by Gail & Arthur Shiers at the Avalon Guest House Finished the day off with a succulent bit of fish at the Cove Bistro - hosted by the effervescent Hana!

Week 5: Penzance to Falmouth - Day 30

Word of the day: Jackdaws
Cadgwith to Porthallow
12 miles

Walked to Poltesco where there is a very elegant new bridge, the design of which is based on the hull of a boat. Spent some time on the beach next to an old serpentine works and pilchard store.

Whilst walking through muddy areas of heathland with little change in the scenery I found my mind wandering quite a bit. It was heavy going underfoot - walking for hours like this is very tiring! We had lost the epic rock features as soon as we turned the corner at Lizard Point. Although still beautiful the landscape here is very different, softer and less extreme. The combination of dull weather, muddy conditions and overall lack of enthusiasm made today difficult from an artistic point of view. 

As we approached Coverack we were diverted inland at Chynhalls Cliff by a landslip. We were very pleasantly surprised when we stumbled on a field full of sculptures by Terence Coventry 

The sun came out whilst we were admiring the sculptures and my enthusiasm returned! 

A late afternoon walk around very muddy Lowland Point was followed by a quick paddle in Godrevy Cove to ease our sore feet. A good meal and a very comfy night in the Five Pilchards Inn. 

Week 5: Penzance to Falmouth - Day 29

Word of the day: Serpentine
Mullion Cove to Cadgwith Cove
10 miles

Back to Mullion Cove with huge waves breaking over the harbour wall whilst sketching an old building. 

Walked on over much boggy ground to Soapy Cove - so called because of the soapstone (talc) that used to be quarried here. It contains a fantastic array of rock formations and colours, black glossy rock with bright orange and green lichen.

Although it's not sunny and you still can't see the horizon the enormity of the cliffs here on the Lizard cancel out the need for perfect light.

Walked around Lizard Point (most southerly point on British mainland) in sunshine and took the obligatory most southerly cheesey photograph! This place also has the most southerly cafe and a house selling the most southerly eggs produced from the most southerly chickens.

Walked on to Cadgwith past the beautiful new lifeboat station ( Thanks to Dave Issitt, a climbing buddy of Tim's (and member of lifeboat crew), who gave us a bed for the night in Lizard.

Week 5: Penzance to Falmouth - Day 28

Word of the Day: Spume
Praa Sands to Mullion Cove
12 miles

Its not raining today, but still windy and very dull. However, as always there is a benefit to all weather conditions in that the foreground colours appear more vibrant.

Stopped to paint Bullion Cliff, I didn't capture the numerous birds that were nesting because my hands were so cold, and had to resort to photographs to back up my sketches.

In the cove below the cliff there was an amazing vortex that was picking up spume and carrying it up in a spiral - like watching a soapy ballet.

Having stopped for lunch at the Ship in Porthleven we had a long walk to Mullion Cove in the afternoon - the sun came out!

Passed these lovely old winches at Gunwalloe. 

Found these two little guys having a spot of bother as we approached Mullion Cove!  Thanks to whoever took the time and effort to create this little bit of humour on the path.

Week 5: Penzance to Falmouth - Day 27

Word of the day: Slippery
Penzance to Praa Sands
10 miles

On the train at 0740, met in Penzance with rain and strong feelings of déjà vu. Took an open-top bus to Marazion - probably would have been dryer walking the sea wall as every time the bus braked or turned a corner we were showered with water from the upper deck (the bus broke down as we got off in Marazion!) Passed a very pleasant couple of hours in the "Delicious" cafe before walking along the causeway to St. Michael's Mount.

I can't believe we are on the path again. Having not been at all psyched up for this, as soon as I got on the train I began to feel excited again. Even though the weather today is hideous, I don't feel disappointed because I still achieved what I wanted to last year, despite the weather.

Did a couple of sketches, pretty much ruined by the rain, but the action of doing is more important than the results. 
Sketched Perran Sands from Maen-du-point and a track from Trevean Cove to Trevean Farm. 

After a breezy and very muddy traverse of the cliffs from Prussia Cove to Praa Sands we arrived at landscape painter Margaret Deans' house for the night. 

Big thanks to Margaret, for looking after us - the view from her house is amazing!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

It's time to walk again...... 350 miles to go!

The exhibition of Outline South West - Part I at the Devon Guild went extremely well and I am very privileged to have been elected as a full member of the Guild. Thank you to everyone who visited.

With so many encouraging and supportive messages left in the visitor book I feel ready to embark on the second half. I say half, it is actually the longer half with 350 miles to go.

Our itinerary for the second half is as follows:

Week 5  (Apr 13th - 18th) Penzance - Falmouth

Week 6a (May 11th - 14th) Falmouth - Par

Week 6b (May 29th - Jun 1st) Par - Plymouth

Week 7  (Jun 15th - 21st) Plymouth - Brixham

Week 8  (Jul 11th - 17th) Brixham - Abbotsbury

Week 9  (Aug 3rd - 9th) Abbotsbury - Poole

Week 5 Itinerary

Sat   13th Penzance - Praa sands
Sun  14th Praa Sands - Mullion Cove
Mon  15th Mullion Cove - Cadgwith Cove
Tue  16th Cadgwith Cove - Porthallow
Wed 17th Porthallow - Maenporth
Thu  18th Maenporth - Falmouth