Thursday, 15 August 2013

Week 7 'In the Studio' & Exhibition

This summer's heat wave was just getting started as we finished week 7 - I have to say that last year's cool and damp weather actually provided better lighting conditions than all this sunshine!  I also noticed this week that my creative tank appears to be full again so I have decided to defer the rest of the walk until next spring.  I am looking forward to spending more time exploring the coast in Dorset - an area with which I am totally unfamiliar.

Meanwhile, back in the studio I have been working on some large monoprints and trying to get up to date with the daily drypoints before the exhibition in September. 

For some of the monoprints I have been using viscosity inking. This is where you use inks at different viscosities (runny and sticky) which when applied using different density rollers do not mix. This allows the application of several colours with only one pass through the press. You also get the most amazing images left on the roller which look as though you should be able to print them - but they just don't come out!
Exhibition & Open Studio

The next Outline South West exhibition is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge from 3rd to 8th September - full details here. I will be printmaking in the gallery throughout the exhibition and showing a film about the project twice a day. 

I am also opening my studio for a couple of weekends as part of Devon Open Studios (DOS): Studio open 12 - 15 and 19 - 22 September from 11am to 6pm. 
DOS brochures are widely available or you can download one here
I am venue 121, page 58.

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  1. Wonderful monoprints - I would love to understand your technique in detail.

    I live just in London and have just finished walking the London Loop - I really understand about a different perspective on geography normally seen from an everyday perspective.