Friday, 13 June 2014

Week 9: Abbotsbury to Poole - Day 55

Abbotsbury to Wyke Regis
10 miles
Word of the day: Fossils

Chesil Beach: 29km long, weighing 300,000,000 tonnes and very tiring to walk on - so we didn't! The path diverts inland at Abbotsbury and for the rest of the day it follows the shoreline of the Fleet, an inlet of the sea running for miles along the landward side of Chesil Beach. Famous for being used by Barnes Wallace to test the bouncing bombs used by the Dambusters. The usual detritus washed up on the beach including dead seabirds, Japanese cigarettes and dried dogfish!

Had some spare time today so visited the Dorset Museum in Dorchester to look at fossilised dinosaurs. Then went to Charmouth beach to try and find one for ourselves - no luck but did do some really good sketches of the beach, sea and sky. We could have bought an ammonite but it didn't seem right - and they weren't even from Charmouth! Stopped to sketch a field near Langton Herring.
Spent the evening in a couple of pubs, developing sketches, writing this blog and drinking Tribute (for the first time since leaving Cornwall).

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