Thursday, 26 April 2012

Week 1: Minehead-Barnstaple 'On the Path' Day 2

Day 2: Word of the day - Trees
Porlock to Lynmouth
- 14 miles
- 2,600 feet of ascent
- 45,651 paces

First stop Porlock Weir with its beautifully gnarly wooden sea defences. 
Then into the woods, via the Worthy Combe Toll Road, and onto Culbone with its tiny church - said to be the smallest active church in England.

It is great to be walking unencumbered by waterproofs - hoods rob you of peripheral vision and the noise made when walking excludes all other noises. Also, good to be walking in the sun this morning in just a tee shirt (and trousers and boots!), listening to the sea and the birds and nothing else.
If yesterday was characterised by rain then today has been all about trees. However, the invasion of rhododendrons on the cliffs above Glenthorne Beach is truly awful - all other species of plant have given up.
Stopped for a late lunch at Sisters Fountain (said to have been visited by Joseph of Arimathea) and used the water filter for the first time - very tasty results, much better than tap water. 

The walk seemed to go on for a long time today, various signs giving distances to Lynmouth were quite misleading - they have long miles around here.
The evening view from Foreland Point (most northerly point in Devon) made it all worthwhile.
Bumped into a lovely German couple (Klaus and Susan) who we first saw in the Bossington tea shop yesterday. Ended up in the same B&B and having dinner together this evening.
Spent the night at River Lyn View (thanks Carol and Ray Sheppard) and ate in the Village Inn - really good local burgers and an excellent pint of Tribute. 

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