Saturday, 28 April 2012

Week 1: Minehead-Barnstaple 'On the Path' Day 4

Day 4: Word of the day - Cold
Coombe Martin to Woolacombe
- 12 miles

- 4,200ft of ascent
- 33,308 paces

Stopped for second breakfast in Ilfracombe at Adele's Cafe featuring Ted the dog.
Failed to buy any food as all the shops in lower Ilfracombe are full of touristy stuff and do not sell anything you really need (unless you are a tourist!)

Very cold and windy so got fully togged up in the lee of the theatre that looks like a couple of lime kilns - seems oddly out of place in a seaside town like Ilfracombe.

Walked to Lee Bay across open grass - more like a golf course than a coast path, very different from yesterday. Feeling stiff and weary, especially thighs and calfs - my knee is giving me quite a lot of trouble today. Stopped on the beach for porridge made with hot chocolate - yummy!

Stopped to sketch near Sandy Cove to the east of Bull Point, sitting in lee of wall but still wearing 4 layers and, in my case, 3 hats! When concentrating on the physical aspects such as being tired and cold - it is sometimes difficult to maintain focus on the artistic elements of the project.

It is amazing how quickly the days go - even simple tasks like taking documentary photographs and writing notes sometimes just get forgotten. 

Very pleased with this sketch - best so far, just getting into the swing of it and the week is nearly over!

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