Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Week 2: Westward Ho! to Padstow 'On the Path' Day 7

Word of the day - Mud
Westward Ho! to Clovelly
- 12 miles
- 2,600 ft of ascent

Up at 5am - urrgghh!
Walked to station and very nearly missed 6am train. Beautiful sunny morning, saw deer from the train.  Bussed to Wetward Ho! where we had a brew and a toasted tea cake in the Rockpool Cafe. Walking in sunshine with a lovely cooling northerly breeze. 

Stopped to sketch a couple of times during the morning; this valley at Babbacombe caught my eye. 
Later we stopped just after Buck's Mills to sketch some beech trees above the path. Final 3 miles into Clovelly was along the Hobby Drive - hard walking but great to imagine the Victorian carriages racing along here and frightening the ladies. 

Today was very strenuous but weather was fantastic. Managed to eat all our food and only just made it to Clovelly in time for a meal in the pub. Decided to wild-camp as the campsite was too far inland and in the wrong direction. However, this meant no food except for porridge, two 9 bars (supposed to be emergency rations) and half a packet of seeds. I am having a lot of trouble with my knees on the descents - this does not bode well for the next couple of days. I may have to walk down all the hills backwards!

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