Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Week 2: Westward Ho! to Padstow 'On the Path' Day 14

Word of the day - Sand
Port Isaac to Padstow
- 11 miles
- 2,800ft of ascent

Away by 0915 and stopped just before Kellan Point to sketch. Both feeling very fit today, no aches and pains. It makes thinking about the art much easier when your body is not complaining.

Started to take colour notes and think in terms of shapes, patterns and mark which will lead to more abstracted images in the studio. Amazing slate rock strata with purple and turquoise stripes on the beach at Polzeath. I haven't got the right blues and greens with me, actually it would be easier if I could bring the whole studio along!

Stopped for Mr Surfy's pancakes in New Polzeath. Then had a pleasant walk along the beach from Daymer Bay to Rock, before travelling home by ferry, bus, train and foot. 


  1. Brilliant blogs for this week. Sorry you were poorly. Beautiful photos and sketches...love following your progress!
    love Trina

  2. Hi Anita, just started reading your blogs & wish I had been onto it before now ! Fab pics .The beautiful sunshine should lift you now & the colour palette will change but lets hope its not too hot for you both - Go girl ( and Tim)