Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Week 2: Westward Ho! to Padstow 'On the Path' Day 13

Word of the day - Valleys
Tintagel to Port Isaac
- 8 miles
- 2,700ft of ascent

Our first 'severe' day - 10 valleys but not a huge distance. Either we are getting fitter or the gradings are quite subjective - it appears that the gradings might be based on steepness and number of hills but not necessarily on distance. For us the gradings depend a lot on where the day comes in the week - the later, the easier.

It occurred to me today that I have been so seduced by the scale of the cliffs that most of my sketches could so easily end up as 'land on the left, sea on the right'. I have started to look at the minutiae of the landscape, take colour notes and make connections between the smaller and larger picture.
Stopped quite a few times for photos and sketching. Also photographed the herringbone ('curzyway') walls. These sketches are of old slate workings just south of Crookmoyle Rock, just how those men built those walls there is beyond me!
The day was rounded off by a rapid exit from a field being pursued by some very frisky bullocks; chief offender was the black one in the middle - clearly got some Spanish blood!

Stayed at Hathaway B&B (thanks Marion), just up from Doc Martin's cottage. Had supper at the Smiling Sardine. 

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