Monday, 13 August 2012

Back in the Studio

What have I been doing for the last six weeks?
Since I got home 6 weeks ago the following things have happened:

  • First I stopped doing anything at all!
  • I then went into the studio and panicked, closely followed by running round in ever decreasing circles.
  • After 3 weeks of 'swimming through treacle' I had a word with myself and tried to start working on the images. I had gathered so much information whilst walking, and had so many ideas bouncing around my head, that I didn't know where to start.
  • After another 2 weeks of agony the magic came back, I am now editioning the daily drypoints and am totally “in the zone”.
These difficult few weeks were not unexpected, a project of this size was bound to have periods of time when I had wondered why I started it, and whether I would actually be able to deliver the work. In reality this was simply my brain going through a process of assimiliation which is an essential part of any creative endeavour. It's great to be enjoying the project again!

Filming in Cornwall
Last week we went back to Cornwall to make a short film about the project with Dominic Mann, who I have worked with in multi media arts events in schools & colleges abroad. I was quite nervous about being filmed and having to talk about the project, but in the end I had a great 2 days and having to think about why I wanted to do it and going back to the path re-ignited my passion for the whole thing.
If you want to have a look at some of Dominic's other work click here:

Come and Visit the Studio
Devon Open Studios is coming up in September - an opportunity to visit my studio and see where I work.
I am having a preview evening on Thursday 13th from 6pm till 8pm.
I will then be open from 11am to 6pm, Friday to Sunday, over the following two weekends (14th - 16th  and 21st - 23rd).
Directions: From Dartington Cider Press roundabout (Shinners Bridge), take A385 towards Plymouth. After 500m turn left into Droridge Lane, after 200m turn left into Droridge. Number 4 is on the right just around the corner, on-street parking is available. (Postcode: TQ9 6JQ)

Art Course at Harbour House
This autumn I am running a course called 'Finding your Focus'
at Harbour House in Kingsbridge.
Details of the course can be found here:

For a brochure please contact the office at Harbour House: 01548 854708

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