Saturday, 20 April 2013

Week 5: Penzance to Falmouth - Day 28

Word of the Day: Spume
Praa Sands to Mullion Cove
12 miles

Its not raining today, but still windy and very dull. However, as always there is a benefit to all weather conditions in that the foreground colours appear more vibrant.

Stopped to paint Bullion Cliff, I didn't capture the numerous birds that were nesting because my hands were so cold, and had to resort to photographs to back up my sketches.

In the cove below the cliff there was an amazing vortex that was picking up spume and carrying it up in a spiral - like watching a soapy ballet.

Having stopped for lunch at the Ship in Porthleven we had a long walk to Mullion Cove in the afternoon - the sun came out!

Passed these lovely old winches at Gunwalloe. 

Found these two little guys having a spot of bother as we approached Mullion Cove!  Thanks to whoever took the time and effort to create this little bit of humour on the path.

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