Saturday, 20 April 2013

Week 5: Penzance to Falmouth - Day 29

Word of the day: Serpentine
Mullion Cove to Cadgwith Cove
10 miles

Back to Mullion Cove with huge waves breaking over the harbour wall whilst sketching an old building. 

Walked on over much boggy ground to Soapy Cove - so called because of the soapstone (talc) that used to be quarried here. It contains a fantastic array of rock formations and colours, black glossy rock with bright orange and green lichen.

Although it's not sunny and you still can't see the horizon the enormity of the cliffs here on the Lizard cancel out the need for perfect light.

Walked around Lizard Point (most southerly point on British mainland) in sunshine and took the obligatory most southerly cheesey photograph! This place also has the most southerly cafe and a house selling the most southerly eggs produced from the most southerly chickens.

Walked on to Cadgwith past the beautiful new lifeboat station ( Thanks to Dave Issitt, a climbing buddy of Tim's (and member of lifeboat crew), who gave us a bed for the night in Lizard.

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