Thursday, 5 July 2012

Week 4: St Ives to Penzance 'On the Path' Day 24

Pendeen to Sennen
9 miles
1922 ft of ascent
Word of the day: Adit
Woke to a better day weather wise. 

Porridge was followed by a gigantic egg and bacon bap from the local chip shop which opens early morning and was very busy. A short walk along the coast to the amazing Geevor Mine - a mix of old and new ruins. Did a sketch including the copper stained rock.
Also got a photo of two chicks on their nest - I think they were cormorants.
Walked on past numerous mines including the Crowns Mine - probably the most photographed in Cornwall.
Stopped at Cape Cornwall for a cup of tea and an excellent homity pie.
Just after Porth Nanven we went into an old adit - it was dark and just being in there for a few minutes with only the light form a head-torch gave me the briefest of insights of Cornish mining! I can't imagine what it must have been like a mile out under the sea bed and able to hear the waves crashing overhead.
We passed a beach covered in large white granite boulders which, from a distance, looked like dinosaur eggs. Rock formations on top of Aire Point bore a striking resemblance to an elephant, an Easter Island statue and a whale! 

Amazingly, I saw Kurt Jackson on Gwynver Beach - we had a chat about printmaking and I said how good it was that someone so much in the public eye was raising the profile of printmaking. It was great to see him working and it confirmed for me just how important it is to work in the landscape. 

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