Thursday, 5 July 2012

Week 4: St Ives to Penzance 'On the Path' Day 25

Sennen to Treen

8 miles
1854 ft of ascent
Word of the day: Shark
Late start after a stormy and mostly sleepless night. Cross country to Sennen Cove (walked the coast path to and from the Old Success Inn last night) where we saw a basking shark just offshore. Walked onto Land's End where the obligatory cheesy photos were followed by a hasty getaway from the crowds before stopping to sketch Carn Boel.
Everything changes when you pass Land's End, the wind now behind us for the first time since starting the walk, and the sea now lit from offshore in the middle of the day.
I think the milestone of 'going round the pointy bit' will probably sink in later - the feeling at the time was an overwhelming urge to run away from all that the theme park represents.
Weather turned rainy and foggy this evening, we decided that there is no point in continuing this week so we are going home tomorrow.

Just to show that I have maintained my good humour, despite hearing that we have completed the first 4 weeks of the walk during the wettest April - June on record, I thought I would share this photo of me in an adit with the worst camping/hat hair ever!

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  1. Anita - you are an absolute trooper. While we have all moaned about the weather from the cosy four walls of our home, office or car you have been out in it - day in day out !! & the worst summer since the jurassic period I believe :-) ! I do hope it doesnt result in a series of dark & brooding work & you slowly slip into some black hunched and bitter character LOL . Think of the weight you must have lost and how toned you must now be ! yah ! Looking forward to future posts . Tracey J x