Saturday, 24 May 2014

Week 8: Torquay to Abbotsbury - Day 52

Branscombe to Charmouth
10 miles
Word of the day: Undercliff

After a lovely night in the hut we headed down to Branscombe Mouth for breakfast in the Sea Shanty Restaurant. Walked through the Hooken Undercliff, formed in 1790 when a huge chunk of countryside (complete with hedges and a stile) slid 150 ft down the cliff.

Stopped just after Beer Head to sketch the chalky headland of East Ebb between Beer and Seaton. Sat on the beach in Beer and celebrated our imminent arrival in Dorset with a farewell photo of the Devon flag. 

The path was closed so we had to bus it to Lyme Regis; we reversed the path into the Undercliff - it was like like stepping into a lost world. 

Trudged round the inland diversion to Charmouth and were very pleased when we finally arrived at Ladder House - our B & B for the night courtesy of Andy & Judy.

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