Saturday, 24 May 2014

Week 8: Torquay to Abbotsbury - Day 54

West Bay to Abbotsbury
9 miles
Word of the day: Erosion

Woke to a sunny morning but you could see that rain clouds were forming. This however made spectacular skies and perfect light on the cliffs. I made some sketches using the soft yellow ochre rock, sea water & ink. I could have stayed all day but knowing that we had to get home by several buses and
trains forced us to crack on with the 
last stretch to Abbotsbury.

It has been a great week, legs have held up well and the sun gods have been smiling on us, better late than never!

The sudden change to the Jurassic coast provided me with renewed enthusiasm. The rolling hills and eroded cliff edges were such a contrast to the more robust broken and angular landscape of South Devon.

Walking through new landscapes has been exciting as well as a little daunting. Knowing how long it takes to really understand a place makes me uncertain that I can represent it by just walking through. On the other hand I found that the familiarity of my home stretch made me not look with fresh eyes. I guess you get different things from first contact compared with the deeper understanding gained after many visits. With less than 100 miles to go and the finishing line almost in view I am starting to reflect on the journey, thinking about the huge variety of landscapes on the way and noting places that I would like to revisit.

The next post will be from the studio.

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