Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 6: Falmouth to Plymouth - Day 33

Falmouth to Veryan
10 miles
Word of the day: Campions

After an obligatory wet start, two train journeys and two ferry crossings we arrived in Place to start week 6.

After a breezy walk around St Anthony's Head we stopped on Towan Beach to sketch. A lovely lunch of lentils and tinned fish was interrupted by an unexpected rain shower - not good when using water soluble pastels! Working can be very difficult in these cold and windy conditions because the world is limited to just beyond your hood, all peripheral vision is lost. A break between the rain showers is very welcome.

Our feet hurt a lot towards the end of the day so we stopped for a paddle at Pendower Beach - this helped us up the final hill to Veryan. 

The village contains five round houses - built by a vicar for his five daughters (round so there were no corners for the devil to hide - or maybe they were just cheaper to build!). Stayed at Treverbyn House, a very comfy B & B run by Tim and Heather.

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