Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 6: Falmouth to Plymouth - Day 35

Portholland to Mevagissey
10 miles
Word of the day: Rocks

Weather looking a little better today - lets hope it lasts!
Walked along the sea wall between West and East Portholland, then over the cliffs to Portluney Cove and Caerhays Castle.

An increasingly breezy walk led us to Gell Point where we stopped for a very chilly sketching session - the photo looks warm and calm, in fact it was windy and freezing. The sketch is a much better portrayal of the place than the photo - proving the point that if you want to be a landscape artist you have to put yourself in the landscape.

The views from Dodman Head were magnificent but I got so hacked off with the wind that I resorted to a full facial buff! (I couldn't actually walk like this - but it certainly lightened the mood when Tim turned round to see me!) Of course within five minutes of rounding the headland we were back down to tee shirts. I am always amazed at how quickly the mood of the sea can change from angry wind-driven waves to flat seas with just a few cats paws where the breeze touches down.

A long but easy walk around elegant Vault Beach led us to a late lunch in Gorran Haven and a relaxing chill-out session on the beach. We have been quite surprised at the remoteness of the path over the last two days. 

Walked on to sketch looking down on the rocks near Turbot Point - amazing rock formations.

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