Friday, 21 June 2013

Week 7: Plymouth to Brixham - Day 44

Hope Cove to Salcombe
8 miles
Word of the day: Loss

Another dodgy forecast but no rain this morning. We were joined by fellow artist and walker Amanda Pellatt for the first section to Soar Mill Cove. 

Stopped for a breezy sketching session on Bolberry Down above Fernyhole Point. Then escaped the wind for a while on the beach before heading up to sketch the rocky coastline to the west of Soar Mill Cove (in the sunshine). 

As we were about to leave Tim stood up and his insulated seat (a swimming float) blew away down the cliff. After 7 weeks and nearly 500 miles it will be sadly missed.

More windy cliff-top walking and some very jagged rock formations brought us to Bolt Head and the final sketching stop of the day. Strolled into Salcombe along the spectacularly rocky path below Sharpitor. Tim found 30 Namibian Dollars on the path - dreaming of great riches we discovered they were worth £1.89!

Just as we were leaving South Sands the weather changed very suddenly, a warm wind bearing a few heavy spots of rain brought high humidity and a very sticky walk up the hill to Martine & Doug O'Malleys house. 

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